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Power Tool Drag Races

I was looking for the video of the chainsaw dragster I saw a few years ago. I was telling the ACME crew about it today…we were on the topic of contraptions as we’re all contemplating our Trashboats for the first-ever Kansas City Regatta come June-ish.

Anyway, on with the dragsters – there’ll be more about the Regatta very, very soon.

This isn’t it, but it’s still funny as all get out. Vrooooom!

Well, it’s actually kind of badassed if you’re into contraptions like I am. Here’s a UK site devoted to power tool drag-racing. I’m just charmed to bits over this chainsaw powered wheelbarrow. Gene, who built the shovel-trike and the hand-truck racer needs to see this mess!

I’m still lookin’ for that chainsaw jobbie, tho…

Aha! Finally found it. For some reason I thought it was a car, but it’s a motorcycle:
I wish they actually showed it being ridden!

This guy made a DIY, modern “Whizzer” with an old chainsaw motor and a bicycle. I bet he goes through back tires at an unholy rate!

Unrelated, but still cool in a similar dirtbag fashion, here is a rollover competition which was a feature in a county fair demolition derby.
These things are so fascinating. I’ve always loved demo-derbies.

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