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Once upon a time in Kansas City, there was a florist on about 31st & Gillham called Ed’s Dainty Corsages, and it was fabulous! Then the business name changed to the much less fabulous House of Flowers and to compensate for the lack of incongruity in their name, they acquired two lovely huge murals, a rose on the front of the building and an iris on one side.

Now, the lack of Daintiness in Kansas City’s commercial scene has been rectified. There is a Chinese restaurant on Cleaver & Troost in an old Pizza Hut, that is the Dainty Chinese Restaurant.

Hooray!  A new business has taken up the "Dainty" mantle in Kansas City.
There is harmony in the dainty spheres once again.

Hooray!  A new business has taken up the "Dainty" mantle in Kansas City.

We were riding around on Saturday on the ACME ride when we came across the Dainty Chinese restaurant, and there was much rejoicing (and also a little photo-taking, where I was concerned).

Christi and I used to ride past Ed’s upon occasion and remark on the incongruity of the name “Ed” when paired up with the word “corsages.” The addition of the modifier “dainty” pushed it all the way over the ridiculousness threshold into the sublime. Christi reckoned that the original Ed must have been quite dainty, indeed. I often bemoaned the passing of the word “dainty” from the common parlance. I think the overuse of it in advertisements for personal hygiene preparations (especially those of the underarm deodorant and feminine “cleanser” variety) are what killed “dainty.”

In any event, I am happy to see a new dainty business here in Kansas City and I wish them all of the success possible.

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