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I just started running a bath a few minutes ago (our bath fills fairly slowly) and that foolish Griswald leaped into the bottom of the bathtub before there was much water in it.

He stood at the back of the tub and watched in intense fascination as the water edged closer and closer to his feet. When it touched one of his front paws, he inched back a bit. Then he picked up a foot, but when it finally got to his other forepaw, he got sensible and leaped back out of the bath tub.

Griswald hates to get wet, yet he is fascinated by water. I had to start using extra broad bowls for the critters’ water, because he was able to tip over standard cat dishes, and he would tip over the water and then dabble around in it with his feet. Same thing with unattended drinking glasses. If anyone leaves a glass on the dining table or coffee table, he will stick his feet into it until he has managed to knock it over, and then he will mess around in the spilled liquid. Strange kitty!

2 Responses to “Griswald is such a strange cat!”

  1. SewDucky says:

    LOL mine will play in out liquids and drink my coffee with his paw.

    Seems the cats may have been separated at birth. (Tell me your cat shakes and holds hands and plays dead when you say “Be…William…Shatner…goaheadanddie!”)

  2. meetzorp says:

    Griz doesn’t do any tricks, though. He mostly sleeps or cuddles, except when he’s making a mess with water or peeing on things that have been left in a heap on the floor.

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