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The Beastlies:

As a pet-owner, I have many nicknames for my pets, individually and collectively. I figured what the heck, I might as well highlight a bit of the silliness that is my life with critters.

Nobody else can haz this bukkit
This one is Minnie Pearl. Mostly known as Minnie, but also as “dammit, kitty,” “kittygirl” “Little Miss” “Pesty-pest,” “small-cat,” “dumbass,” “Satan,” and “Miss Meow.”

Pretty much half the cat is under there now.  Surprisingly, he did not get stuck.
This is Griswald. Also known as Griz. And “Cap’n Buttfluff,” “Buttfluff McDuff,” “Mr. Furpants,” “Fuzzbrain,” “Grizzo” “Grizzo Von Whizzo,” “Pinhead,” “Kittyboy,” and “Oh for god’s sakes, shut up!” (around mealtime)

anticipating the flash
Ruby, AKA “Roo,” “RuRu,” “Puppo,” “Varm,” “Varmo,” “Puppygirl,” “Pesterina,” “Velcro Dog,” “Ruby-Roo,” “Puppowitz,” and “Hey, dog!”

Collectively, they’re “The Beastlies,” “the varmints,” “the critters,” “the creature feature,” or “the housepests.” Any two of them may be referred to (accurately) as “Dumb & Dumber.”

They’re all more or less bonkers, which is probably a large part of their collective and respective charm.

So, I ask all of you who read…what are your pets’ given names, and what do you call them besides that? I always like to hear about people’s critters’ nicknames. For some reason it really fascinates and amuses me.

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  1. themis says:

    Oscar “Action” Catfish Jackson is mostly known as Boo, Boo Dawg, the Big Dog, Schmoo, Schmooey, Goo’Ball, Pup, Pup-pup, Smunch, Sofa-Dog, Old Dog. My sister calls him Honey, though.

    Bodhisattva is also known as Bodhi!!!! when he’s bad, Bo, Bo-Bo, BobCat, Kit10, Nuncha-nuncha (sound he makes when eating), Mighty Hunter, Goof, Fluffernutter, Mom’s Little Boy, Neck-Carpet, Schnuzzle.

  2. afeline says:

    I have a Roo, too!

    Red is known as Reddy, Reddy-Roo, Roo, Roodle, Roodle-Doodle-Doo, Roody, Rooty-Toot, Redrum (which Fiance thinks is morbid), and Reddy-Rum-Bum or just Rum-Bum.

    Wiggens is Wiggy, Wigs, Wigsy, Wigwam, Wiggy-Wam, and Weegen.

    Collectively, they are Chillens (from Fiance’s grandmother’s term for her bunch of grandkids), Bum-Bums, Boo-Bugs, Boo-Buggies, or just Bugs/Buggies. And they may or may not be occasionally referred to as Assholes.

  3. planetmort says:

    Stanley is most often known as Fluffernutter, but also as Fuzzball, Fuzzbutt, Furball, Fluffball, Fartbutt and Stupid. Pre-kid he was also known as Dumbass.

    Daisy is known as Daisy-chain and DC, and occasionally as Hairball.

    Shelley is known as Calico, Shellina, Shelley-Bell, Piss-pot, Pisser, and Hairball.

  4. Shannon says:

    Jezebelle was affectionately known as Dander-Cat, Butterball, Jezie and Miss Jezebelle.

    Basil was occasionally known as Mr. Basil, Surly, Surly Basil, Surly Cat or just plain Cat (generally when on the counter and being told to get off the counter).

    Stella was known as Stella-Bean, Miss Stella, Stella Bean the Flying Machine (she could fly over the backs of couches with the greatest of ease in her younger days), Stella Bella, Beanie, and Beaner. She had a somewhat bean shaped (with a little imagination) brindle kissy spot on her head, which inspired her ‘bean’ names. Or not. I don’t really know why ‘bean’ popped up so much!

    New puppy doesn’t have a name yet, but I’ll let you know in 2 weeks! Well, actually he has a name from his Happy Days litter theme- Fonzerelli. I don’t believe he will be keeping that name though.

  5. kismet says:

    My cats are collectively known as “catffalos”, because they are like a herd of something, and when I think herd, I think buffalo. Which allows me to call them things like Booffalo, and Mharnuffalo, and Murrffalo, and such. Gremlin has many names, all of which begin with Grem.

  6. meetzorp says:

    I like that word, “catffalos.” That’s a good one.

    I forgot that one of my other collective nicknames for the critters is “the Chumley Chowderheads.” It doesn’t make any sense at all, but I don’t think that it has to.

  7. SewDucky says:

    OMG! Griswald is half of my cat but looks just like him!

    Devil cat apparently didn’t like that I was looking at another cat, he dipped his paw in my coffee and flicked it at me.

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