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I think I might have mentioned that I was going to make a belt out of a scrap of bowling alley carpet. I probably posted about it on Twitter. Anyway, I found a little strip of leftover carpet trimmings in a dumpster downtown a few weeks ago, and was inspired to make a belt out of it:

Bowling-alley carpet belt
It was already basically the right shape.

Bowling-alley carpet belt
I had a pretty awesome buckle, too. It was off some cheapo belt that came with a pair of cheapo jeans I had bought and worn in highschool.

Bowling-alley carpet belt
Whoop, there it isss!

It’s lined with fabric scrap from this dress:

I made this dress while I was living in England. Got this fabric for cheap at a stall in the City market. I need to let the hem back down…it’s still up at Ginger Spice level, but if I let it back down to lower-mid-thigh, I could theoretically still wear it in public. I used to wear it to the Goth night at the Assembly Rooms with my hair enormous and loads of mascara and eyeliner on. And fishnet tights. And workboots. I’m not very good at Gothic, but I can do Trashy like nobody else.

Here’s my other sort-of talent that I will highlight today. I can holler out Minnie Pearl’s “howdy” with more than passable fidelity to the original. My one celebrity imitation. And possibly a future halloween costume…

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