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"Mad For Plaid" suit

, originally uploaded by Meetzorp.

I’m making a suit out of some fabric I’ve had hanging around for a while. I’ve decided to embrace the dorktastic cliches of fashion journalism and dub this the “mad for plaid” plaid suit. It will be kind of frilly and girly and totally awesome in every plaid-laden way.

This pic is probably significant only to those who sew, but see those notches? This is where being a crazed perfectionist is actually a GOOD thing. I spent a lot of time laying out all of the pattern pieces so that the plaid matches up across all major seamlines and the same pattern is on all of the flounce pieces. It’s going to be pretty cool, if you ask me.

I mean, cool for a plaid suit that looks a little bit like 1970s upholstery. that kind of cool.

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