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When I was listening to the newest Morning Musume single, “Naichau Kamo” the other day, I thought that it reminded me of two of their previous songs. Iroppoi Jirettai, from the early days of 6th Gen and a fairly recent single, Resonant Blue. It’s got that Latin sound of Iroppoi, and the Thwarted-Love/Playing-Tease theme of Resonant.

Honestly, though, I think the majority of MoMusu songs are about thwarted love or playing hard to get. At least since the 6th Generation or so. It seems like especially up through the 4th generation, they performed a pretty broad range of songs, from the heartstring-tugging “Furusato,” to the utterly silly pirate-themed “Hyokkori Hyoutan-jima,” to the peppy, yet sentimental “Happy Summer Wedding,” to the brash “Love Machine“, which appears to the the MoMusu equivalent to the Destiny’s Child version of Independent Women.

Anyway, enough of my jabbering, on to the videos, eh?

Take Iroppoi Jirettai

Add a dash of Resonant Blue

And you end up with Morning Musume’s most recent single, “Naichau Kamo”

Also, if you ever want to know more about Morning Musume (or other H!P artist) lyrics in translation, I highly recommend the Project Hello site. There are also often helpful notes about references that might be obscure to English speaking listeners. Typically the lyrics appear in Kanji, Romaji, and in English translation. Excellent for if you want to sing along but aren’t sure of the syllables.

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