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So for some reason, The Coasters’ big hit “Yakkity Yak” was stuck in my head from when I woke up this morning.

It’s awfully catchy, and I think most of us get that whole “parents just don’t understand” bit, having lived through adolescence in its due season.

“Charlie Brown” is another by The Coasters it’s super fun, and it’s one of the songs Dad used to sing when Audrey and I were little kids, to amuse us. Who wouldn’t love a song about a kid who gets away with every kind of mischief?

Well, shoot…I guess I’m just gonna do a Coasters entry, ’cause I just have to say I love their songs.

A fairly recent performance of Poison Ivy.

Thank goodness I could find the original 1970s version of “Love Potion #9,” because nothing else touches this recording. They’d embraced the Motown “Wall Of Sound” backing instrumentals which may have diminished the impact of their excellent vocals, but it added to the kind of intense, mysterious vibe of this song.

When Tone Loc same out with The Funky Col’ Medina, I appreciated the thematic similarities. ‘Cept the one guy just gets even girl-crazier and the other attracts girls like honey attracting flies.

Okay, enough poking around on YouTube…I’m gonna go walk the dog and then make some stuff before I go out for a solid afternoon and evening of biking…if anybody local can make it, tonight’s Frank Tuesday 3:16, and I expect I’m gonna be riding my silly little ass off until the wee-smalls.

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