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Moving house!

Okay, meetzorp.com is staying put just as you know it, but my professional site, As You Like It Designs is temporarily going to be available at asyoulikeitdesigns.wordpress.com.

I’m migrating the content of AYLI to Dreamhost, where the URL is registered anyway. If this works well, I’ll probably move Meetzorp over there, too.

There are several reasons for the pending move, but chief among them is that using wordpress as the host for AYLI means that I would have to do some technical jiggery-pokery that’s well above my head to try to get Gallery to work over at Dream Host, and as I said, it’s well above my head. So, I’m going to be figuring out how to use remotely hosted WordPress software.

Wish me good luck, okay?

I’ll let everyone know when asyoulikeitkc.com is working properly again!

In the meantime, you can always see what’s fresh at my etsy shop. I will be posting some new designs up there this week.

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