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new 1980s style blouse new 1980s style blouse

I made a new blouse over the weekend. It is Option C from Simplicity 4020, and I am really happy with how it turned out. Especially when you consider that I used some pretty cheap nylon tricot (usually used for slips) that was left over from when I made myself some slips. I just wanted to see if the drafting on this pattern was worth a hoot, since Simplicity patterns are so often hit-or-miss, but I’m actually very pleased with the whole package, both the pattern and the fabric. I’m going to use this pattern again sometime with better fabric, but even in the cheap lingerie fabric, it doesn’t suck. At any rate, I like it.

I’m also rather pleased to be able to say that in the above pictures, everything I am wearing except for my shoes & socks is something I made. The jeans, the blouse, the hair clip, and the necklace are all my own handiwork!

Here’s the necklace, with a different blouse that I made.

And there’s the hairclip!

The jeans I talked about the other day when I posted about those brown corduroys I recently finished. I really do like this pattern and will continue to use it, since the results jive with what is currently considered chic for jeans.

Now, on to the navel-gazing.

Shortly after I did the post about the new cords, this guy I know (I’m not going to call him a friend of mine, because frankly I find him pretty annoying most of the time) started flipping me shit about my blog which he apparently sometimes looks at. We were at a party and he just wouldn’t get off my case about how I “post all these pictures of yourself wearing all these little outfits” and asked me if I even had a job, since the posts are often made during the middle of the day.

Well, yeah, I am currently unemployed, an unfortunate fact that he would have gathered if (1)he were a friend of mine, and (2) if he actually read the words in just about any recent post. And if he were a friend, or a person who wanted to be, he sure as hell wouldn’t needle me about being jobless, because duh, it sucks.

So I told him to go fuck himself and basically wrote him off my social register.

But it did stir up some actual introspection. It’s as follows:

I’m not a big fan of posting pictures of myself online for a number of reasons.

  • 1. It feels really attention whorey.
    2. I am not very photogenic, I am not good at being cute on demand, smiling for the camera, etc.
    3. Maybe I would like to preserve a little mystique, a la Mimi Smartypants.
  • And that’s about it, really. I’m self conscious, I don’t like “showing off,” and I really don’t want/need/like the attention, positive or negative.

    The complication comes in, however, in that the main reason I ever post pictures of myself is because I have made something that doesn’t show well on my dressmaker’s dummy (and now because my main dummy is busted anyhow and not everything looks right on my antique one). My home-made clothes are made to my own specifications, and so they most generally will look best on my body. Plus some things, like pants, just can’t really be shown on a dressmaker’s dummy. Believe me, I have tried:

    So, I’m currently a bit at a loss. Obviously, I am going to continue to make clothing when time, resources, and money allow it. Ideally, I will continue to post about things I have made, because it’s my website, and it’s generally about stuff I’ve done, made, thought about, read, etc. However, I have never been that happy about posting pictures of myself all the time, and obviously I’m even less comfortable about it now, as I feel like my misgivings have been somewhat validated. I’m not quite sure how I will approach this in the future; if I will go back to exclusively using the dressmaker’s dummy, do creepy “headless” shots, override my misgivings and continue to post self-portraits, or do something else entirely.

    Obviously I need to grow a tougher hide.


    11 Responses to “New Blouse (and navel-gazing)”

    1. ljh says:

      Screw whatsisname. You post what’s interesting to you and if he doesn’t like it he can fuck off. *I* like your sewing and biking and silly poses with clothing and bikes, if that helps.

    2. Herkimer says:

      I obviously don’t know the guy, but feel safe saying he is a penis with weird issues. I enjoy your fashion posts and don’t think they are at all attention-whorey. Also, I have admired how you’ve used your time while unemployed (which, sheesh… all too many people are right now) to pursue creative and useful endeavors, as documented here. Who knows: showcasing your skills and good character here could lead you to your next job.

      Wishing you all the best!

    3. meetzorp says:

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I’m not trying to start a blogwar with this dude or anything…just kind of musing on the train of thought that he set in motion and considering that I may change how I do things around here.

      The old trope of how to deal with the fact that people whom you know in person will probably read your blog and have opinions about it that you may or may not like.

    4. Audrey says:

      Fuck him. I state that very matter of factly because dear sister, he’s a stupid twat. You shouldn’t shy away from posting picures, because I enjoy it.

    5. Audrey says:

      Okay, that was a bit harsh. I think what I was going for was more along the lines of. . .

      Anyone who reads your blog should be reading your blog because they WANT TO, are interested in your latest exploits, enjoy your stories, recipies, talented sewing and have a true interest in all things Meetzorp. If not, then why should they bother. . . and why bother bothering about what someone says who doesnt bother about you.
      Some people just aren’t worth the BOTHER. Bother Bother Bother, what a great word. Okay, I’ll get back to work now. . .

    6. Fissile says:

      Having been a guy all my life, I can assure you that your non-friend, blog critic has the hots for you, but is not grownup enough to deal with his feelings in a mature way. It’s exactly the way I use to act when I was 16. If this dude is over the age of 22-23, he has some serious psychological issues.

      BTW, I enjoy looking at your modeling photos, especially the ones were you are braless –yes, I am one of those interweb pervs.

    7. meetzorp says:

      Word to the wise: I promise you that the majority of women really don’t wanna know who, if any men have been perving at their photos. I coulda gone on indefinitely without knowing you were scopin’ my nips!

      But thank you for your well-meant words anyway. I’ll take it in the spirit offered.

    8. meetzorp says:

      Thanks for the words of support, sis!

      The fellow in question is just, shall we say, in possession of very poor social skills. Yes, he’s a wanker. Fairly harmless, but frequently annoying.

    9. meetzorp says:

      Heh. Fair enough!

    10. styro says:

      In my years of being on teh intarwebz, I’ve found that a lot of people sort of troll other people on the internet for shits-n-giggles. It’s sort of a way to make them feel better about their own little sad lives. So I think you should take creepzoid’s comments with a grain of salt and just figure, you know, he’s probably jealous at how talented you are, and he’s probably filled with anger and hostility due to feeling frustrated with his own lot in life. Happy people don’t feel the need to troll other folks on the internet, in my experience. So, you know. Pity the small minded people, for they are sad and ineffectual and impotent.

      Also, don’t feel bad about being unemployed right now. I’m unemployed, but I am referring to it as “vacation” or “my new life of leisure,” and it makes people RIDICULOUSLY jealous. 🙂

    11. meetzorp says:

      Well, this guy has been pissing off locals left, right, and sideways by being an unfettered dick, so unless he cops on, he’s going to be one lonely, obnoxious guy pretty darn toute suite.

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