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Until my computer is back up and running, I can’t give you a proper recap of the event, with pictures, but I’ll hit a few highlights:

  • Christi winning in high style with about a ten-minute gap on Jenny, the second-place finisher
  • Nikki bringing up DFL, just behind Caitlin, who wins an honorable mention for racing so hard (and drinking so much espresso) that  she puked.
  • Getting free soda from Grinders, ’cause the waiter thought Melissa was cute
  • Having precisely as many door prizes as participants (9)
  • Victor’s disco dancing (caught on video)
  • Vanessa & Katie rocking the almost-matching hairbows
  • Chasm’s chest-brows
  • puddle-splashing water-fights (so far I’ve organized 2 events and it has rained for both of them – I wonder if Tetanus will be a muddy mess, too…I kind of hope so!)
  • The wine-bag(s)…oh how they fueled the most sophomoric, raunchy humor.
  • [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8BSChjiU24]
    I invented a new dance to this song – and was told that I looked like Olive Oyle while flinging my limbs along to what may be my new most favorite song. I was wearing a red dress and my ubiquitous big boots, so I can kind of see it….kind of.
  • beer-chugging wheelies & foldsie bar-spins
  • furry bear-legs and penis-antennae
  • We’re doin’ it again next year, but with a cooler of Freez-E-Pops at the end!

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