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I most generally take a lot of pictures. Sometimes I see something just totally random and awesome, and so I have to stop and whip out the camera and record it for posterity:


I mean, would you otherwise have believed me if I told you that I saw GOATS in an empty lot on my way to work one winter day? Probably not, I should think!

I’m glad I took this picture so many years ago because 1) houses with towers are awesome and 2) this house was torn down not so very long after I took this picture (7-18-04).

In the same vein I am glad for my own particular reasons that I took the following picture this past winter:
Words continue to fail me
That is because The Skillet Licker is no more, and the stereotypical hillbilly-and-hound duo have gone the way of the window-washer. A new eatery is slated to debut…The Big Grill.

Similarly, I took a whole series of pictures of “the Strawberries of Strawberry Hill,” evidently just in the nick of time, because the formerly iconic strawberry-bedecked fire-hydrants in our neighborhood have recently been restored to shiny and standard red.

I’ve been in the process of backing up all of my pictures on my computer lately, since my old external hard-drive died, and I didn’t have them ALL copied anywhere else. Now, every last stinkin’ one of them is burned on to CD, and a good 1/3 of them are also located on Flickr or my old Gallery site. I think there are some that I have come across in my backup process that should be put up on Flickr, and probably will soon. I may write entries around some of my favorites, just because.

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