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The Internet is great

for being a bottomless font of covers and novelty tunes, which bring me boundless joy:

A while back I expressed great enthusiasm for the Dollyrots’ “Brand New Key,” which at the time I had no idea wasn’t original to them.

I’ve since learned that a sweet hippie folk singer named Melanie Safka was the originator of this song back in the early 1970s.

I also got to see one of few “fan-made-videos” that didn’t suck (and feature misappropriated anime characters). A young lady in 1972 shot a 8mm film meant to be set to Ms. Safka’s song:

This is AWESOME (also ADORABLE). I think I have the sewing pattern for that middy-and-hotpants outfit, also:
Simplicity 9922

Thanks also to the bounty of the Internet, I have become acquainted with the British “novelty” band, The Wurzels, who had a great hit in 1976 which was in essence a parody of Safka’s ’72 offering, “Brand New Key.” The Wurzels sang a spirited song employing the offer of the free use of a brand new combine harvester as a substantial enticement into an affair of the heart:

Oooo-arrr, oooo-arrr!

2 Responses to “The Internet is great”

  1. Shannon says:

    Hey, I have that pattern! Actually, it was my mom’s but she gave it it to me with a couple of other patterns from the same era.

  2. Meetzorp says:

    This pattern had either been something my grandma had bought for my mom or one of my aunts. I’m guessing my aunts, since my mom would already have been out of the house and in Nebraska by ’73. But whoever it was intended for never had this outfit, since this pattern was never cut out.

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