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I’ve been enjoying the little short-sleeved, girly-girl jackets since they came in a few years ago. I even succumbed to the madness during one of my Junior League sprees and bought this little number two years ago:
(please excuse the quality of both the photo and facial expression!)

I’d had this cute quasi-western, 1970s-esqe jacket pattern around for a couple of years, and lucked into a nice piece of Pendleton wool flannel that seemed like it would make a chic pair-up with that pattern. I thought I’d use some scraps of shirred velvet for the collar and mock-pocket trim for contrast. That shirred velvet has been carrying me along for a long while:

I’d originally bought it for the collar and cuff accents for my 1880s dress, which I made my senior year of college (’98/’99 school year). I accidentally over-bought by about half a yard. Since then, it has trimmed

This jacket (made with scrap from the 1880s dress) and now:
this jacket!

As I got to laying out the pattern, though, I realized that what with matching up plaids and all, I was not going to be able to cut out the as-designed long, slim sleeves. Fortunately, I had another adorable Butterick pattern around, for short-sleeved jackets or a design for a sleeveless vest, and so I chose to use Sleeve B & cut the cuff out of the velvet (and omitted the mock pocket trim, as it would have resulted in too fussy and busy of a garment)


I’m overall pretty pleased with this jacket, though I may ultimately eliminate the peplum. I’m not sure that I really like it with the plaid…it seems a little busy. Without the peplum, the slightly pointed waistline of the jacket would be more evident, and it really is a particularly chic feature. I’ve always liked pointed waistline dresses and jackets. I like the silhouette, though. In general I like peplums as they help create a more curvaceous silhouette for my figure. I may make this jacket again, in a plain fabric, with the long sleeves, and with the peplum.

artsy buttons
I did an artsy edit of a detail shot of the buttons. They’re pretty neat; they’re textured plastic with polished diamond-shaped facets. They were in some random buttons that my Grandma gave me once. They’re not especially old or anything, but they are just about perfect for this particular project.

4 Responses to “Trendy short-sleeve jacket”

  1. Brooke says:

    I like the peplum with the jacket, it’s lovely. it doesn’t seem particularly busy to me. Really beautiful work as always….your skill as a seamstress always knocks me over.

    I also like that I learned a new word! Peplum peplum hey hey hey!

  2. planetmort says:

    As always, I bow to your sewing prowess!

  3. Wow! that’s the word for your designs. Really love the jacket with the peplum. I have a sewing shop in Ibadan, Nigeria. Keep up the good work.

  4. Meetzorp says:

    Thank you! I am glad you liked what you saw!

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