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So, if you’re delicate and gross-outable, then you should totally stop reading NOW.

Seriously, I’m warning you, I’m really gonna talk about boogers and snot in just a second.


Okay, so I’m going to sound like not only a disgusting 5-year-old, but also like a total stoner.

Did you ever wonder if snot has a smell? What is the scent of booger?

This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever been curious about! I was riding home from work today, and my nose was running, as is its wont when the temperatures drop. I wiped my nose on the back of my glove, as most cyclists do (note to non-cyclists: never shake hands with a cyclist who still has his/her gloves on!!!) Sometimes, when I wipe my snoot, I catch a fleeting, slightly sharp scent, and I wondered today, “is that what snot smells like?”

Who thinks about shit like this? Besides me, that is?

Well, I’m going to ask Google what snot smells like and post the first three (non-porny) hits:

via Answerbag

Snot doesn’t smell, i know i’ve scooped enough of it up at work as samples for the lab.

via Tongna Bologna

If there’s one thing we are all desensitized to, it’s the smell of snot.

via ChaCha.comIf snot smelled, you would be able to smell it. ChaCha on!

I’m guessing that realistically, snot doesn’t particularly have a scent. If it did, it would interfere with one’s ability to smell other things. In fact, I am working on a theory that snot probably helps enhance the nose’s ability to smell stuff. Keeps the sniffulator all lubed up and such.

But it’s definitely one of those awful recursive stoner musings: if snot smells, what does snot smell like?

I think I broke my brainmeats trying to think about this one.

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