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For reasons that make no earthly sense to me or anyone else (I’d wager) I’m rather unnecessarily fond of the word “loaf.” I find it funny.

Meat-loaf. Nut-loaf. Loaf of bread. No loafing. Kitty-loaf. Hlaf-weard.

Meatloaf is mostly funny because of the burly pop-rock musician who goes by that stage name. ‘Tis the season for Rocky Horror Picture Showings and theme parties, and large men donning leather jackets and greasing their hair into pompadours, wielding chainless chainsaws and going as Eddie. I went to a particularly good Rocky Horror Picture Show theme party in college dressed as Columbia. My bustier was a little too short for my body, though, and I spent a lot of time hitching it up in order to preserve what tiny bit of modesty left to me. That was back when I had butt-length hair, and I had braided it the night before, and then let it down, teased it out, and sprayed it within an inch of my life. A couple of pounds of makeup, some fishnets, and a borrowed bustier, and I was able to vamp it up fairly convincingly.

Nut loaf…nut-loaf is one of those things that gives vegans a bad name. It’s like a meatloaf, but without meat…instead, the protein source is ground nuts of some sort or another. I’m sure it is possible to make a tasty nut-loaf, but so far I have only been subjected and exposed to dreadful ones and it seems like a shameful way to destroy a perfectly good snack.

Loaf of bread – not at all funny. But again, I sure do like the word “loaf” and I like to bake. Especially a nice rosemary-raisin loaf. Mmmmmmbread.

No Loafing

Cyclocross Cowbell Cat
Kittyloaf (now, with More Cowbell)

Hlaf Weard/Hlaford

Bonus: loaf-studio.

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