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I work on the Plaza these days, as a secretary for an architect.

In all of my time in living in Kansas City, I have always worked downtown. Down in the financial center or the government district. Even when I worked for the Metro, I was still in the downtown-ish area, east of the Crossroads on 18th St. Getting used to going South and West instead of North and East has been a bit of a challenge. And I miss downtown quite a bit. But the Plaza does have a few charms (aside from the swarms of Yuppies, the insane drivers, the clueless pedestrians, and the shitting horses).

Mosaic tilework, for example. Plus ships.

Polychrome terracotta trim.

Acanthus leaves.

Hall's Parking Garage, top deck
The sky, viewed through pierced, moulded concrete.

And this guy!

It’s supposed to be really nice on Friday, so I’ll probably go out and shoot a few more pictures. I need to get one of Hall’s parking garage now that the Christmas lights are down.

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