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A good send-off

Lately, I’ve been seeing little girls just wearing fancy dresses for normal wear. Like they have a dress leftover from a stint of flower-girling, and instead of just letting it molder in the closet until it is outgrown, then fobbing it off on Goodwill, the parents are letting the kid just go ahead and get some use out of the darn thing.

I saw a little girl this weekend disporting herself in sky blue chiffon trimmed with darker blue velvet, and another girl last night at a restaurant, accessorizing her white, lace-trimmed net dress with a hot-pink arm cast, a straggly ponytail, and a pair of grubby sneakers.

I think this is really a pretty sensible option. When I was a little girl, I’d get a pretty dress for Easter or for some occasion, and be lucky if I got to wear it 4-5 times. And like most little girls, I never met a frill, rosette, sash, or lace flounce I didn’t like. I’m sure these delightfully overdressed kiddos are feeling mightily stylish wearing their fine frills when and where-ever they so choose!

2 Responses to “A good send-off”

  1. Nellig says:

    Absolutely. I especially love it when they combine lace and flounces with football boots (saw this once a few years ago on an 8-year-old). It worked surprisingly well. The total insouciance helped.

  2. Meetzorp says:

    I bet that was supremely cute!

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