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Fizzy-wizzy brains

I have become ridiculously fond of the Black Dice and other similar bleep-gizzle-frunzzzz type music. It is completely fantastic if you like weird music made up of random electronic bonking noises and zoinky sounds and general chopped-stirred-and-fried bleep-gleep effects.

At work, we are allowed to listen to streaming ‘net radio, so long as we either listen to it really quietly, or use headphones. When I am doing invoicing or data entry, or coloring in large blocks of PDF documents, I put on “Slacker” radio, and find a station of electronic noises music, as it stimulates various wobbly, knobbly bits of my brain.

My god…the “voop-voop voop” noises in this just make me want to spin around in circles going “Squeeeeeeee!” And the jumbly, choppy beat….and the disjointed chanting. I just get happier and happier and happier as this song goes along until my little pointy head is all like “wheeeee!”

These are Wave Rats. They are rats, who are doing the Wave.

When I was a little girl, I used to have visions of recording “Martian Music,” which to my way of thinking, was songs made up of weird noises melded together into a cohesive form. I used to use my Dad’s tape recorder and record the sound of Mom’s old-school bubble-hood hair-dryer warming up (this video is of the same model hair-dryer), of a beaded-wire centerpiece clattering in the breeze, of myself using a decommissioned bubble pipe as a miniature didgeridoo. If I’d had the technology and know-how, I’d have layered these and other odd sound-effects into song-length conglomerations, and probably annoyed seven shades of shit out of anyone who would listen.

So, here I am grown up now, and find that other people have been making Martian Music which is not unlike the sounds I used to daydream about making into songs.

If anyone can recommend to me some similarly whacked out outer-space music, I’d be just tickled silly over the moon. Fuckin’ A!

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