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“Hot” Summer Jams

I’m sure many eyes will roll, but I’m going to let Detroit tell it like it is. Summer’s here, and the time is right:

Incidentally, I’d like to note that I freakin’ love that striped, double-breasted suit. There were some seriously cute fashions in the 1960s.

More Martha & the Vandellas, singing about a Heatwave!

And comin’ at you from the summer of 1966, here’s the Lovin’ Spoonful looking for some shade, a breeze, and a sweet lil’ gal. Can you dig those muttonchops?

The Drifters suggest that you go under the Boardwalk to cool off and have a good time.

Or you could get up on the roof…not to cool off so much as to chill out.

Right-o…now I’m going to go outside and ride my bike and get all sweaty, then visit a “Sprayground” or two…

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