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Button boots, baby! I’ve wanted a pair of button-top, French Heeled, old-style shoes for AGES. Like perhaps since my ‘Tween years, What can I say? I’ve always had an urge for Fin de siècle fashions.

I rarely buy shoes, from the Internet or otherwise, so these were a bit of a splurge, but they are so very crazy cute!

Today I’ve concocted a 1905-via-2011 outfit consisting of a mid-calf, flared, brown cotton skirt,
underblouse for use under suit jackets
this top,
and this jacket.

Being able to make a lot of your own clothes is a double edged sword. Not only can you make whatever you want to wear…you can wear whatever you want, even if it is kind of silly.

One Response to “Out-Of-Character: I bought some shoes off the Internet and they’re kind of kickass”

  1. Audrey says:

    oh, my goodness, those are some seriously cute boots! Good work!

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