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1995 graduation photo

Once upon a time, I owned the most awesome, perfect, kick-assedy boots that ever kicked ass. They were fuckin’ rad, and I wore the everloving crap out of them. My classmates at school thought they were awful, and I took a lot of guff for my big stompy boots (oddly, during an era when it was fashionable to wear Dr. Martens with diaphanous babydoll dresses). These boots were a standing fashion statement with me, so much so that I immortalized them in my Senior portrait (see above).

I still own them, worn out, ancient, and debased as they may be, as I have yet to find another pair of boots that holds a candle to them. The heels are nearly worn through, and the steel shanks that once supported the arches fell out years ago. I rarely wear them except for once in a great while, when an outfit really, truly, madly needs a hot injection of BADASS.

I am wearing them tomorrow.

But the time has come…it has come and gone…for a pair of replacement boots to come into my life.

Initially, I thought that these Thoroughgood boots were the answer to my question. For lo, they are tall, badassy, Made In America, and awfully stylish.
Thoroughgood Awesome Lineman's Boot
Unfortunately, they have discontinued my size. Woe!

I could go with a classic, and get the ol’ trusty Dr. Martens.
Delightful Docs
I already know they’ll fit. They’re durable. They’re a classic style. They’re pretty cool. The price isn’t bad, all things considered. Dr. Marten’s boots are good value for the money. Also, there is a song about them:

Recently, I tried to order a pair, but they were out of all of the sizes except for 5, which is too small. I have e-mailed Dr. Marten’s and they say they’ll be re-stocking, so there is something in that.

But while I was being denied by Dr. Marten, I cast about on Shoebuy a bit, and came across these, which are highly, insanely, madly covetable.
Frye Awesomeness
Also highly, insanely, madly expensive. They appear to be re-soleable and re-heelable. I intend to contact Frye and find out. If they are, considering my track record (I’ve been nursing along my old badass boots since 1993) these could actually be a good investment. If I took care of them, got them re-soled or heeled as needed, that $400 could be amortized over another…15+ years: that wouldn’t be too bad at all, really.

Obvs., if I were to buy the Fryes, I’d have to save up for a while, so I’d have to decide if they really are $400 worth of awesome. Hrmmmm, what to do, what to do?

3 Responses to “Give me a boot to the head”

  1. Kate says:

    Hey — I can vouch for Frye boots. I still have a pair of my mother’s Frye campus boots from the 1970s. I know the heels have been replaced twice on them. I have been coveting several other styles too and will probably take the plunge!

  2. adventure! says:

    I know, late to the party again! But here are some questions/observations/etc.
    1) Yes, those boots are pretty bad-assed.
    2) Is it possible to get them resoled? Figure if you love ’em so much, it might be worth it to keep ’em going.
    3) I loved Docs as well, but I don’t think I’ll ever buy another pair. I got a bad-assed set in ’99 and by ’03 they wore out. And they are a pain to resole. I bought a pair of Red Wings a few years back, which are not only made in the US (well, the better ones are), but can be resoled.
    4) And for awesome linesman styled boots still made domestically check out http://www.westcoastshoe.com/wesco/home.asp
    (Not cheap, of course.)

  3. Meetzorp says:

    Wow, thanks for the info! I will have to check out that link.

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