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I took Ruby running in a shipping container wareyard today. She enjoyed splashing through the puddles and searching for rats, and I enjoyed the disorienting scenery. It felt like I was cavorting in a giant’s LEGO village.




This looks like a tight fit, but I could easily ride my bicycle through this passageway.

It is like the grubby, unfinished version of the shipping container student housing complex in Amsterdam. The development in Amsterdam is called Keetwonen, and actually looks cheery and inviting, and yes, quite a lot like an inhabitable LEGO-ville!

I only just remembered, but there is a container house here in Kansas City – in a very posh neighborhood (Brookside, for those who know Kansas City) and it is quite attractive. They have painted it a pleasant turquoise color and it looks less like LEGO and more like some sort of ultrachic modernistic home of the future sort of affair.

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