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Stupid things I have been thinking of lately:

Dung beetles fighting over doody.

We have dung beetles around here, actually. Out in the Flint Hills. When you go out on the gravel roads along cow pastures, it is not uncommon to see a beetle rolling a poo-pellet along the ground. Or several beetles quarreling over a particularly prosperous poopball.

The rise and fall of the Chevy Vega. Well, mostly fall.

Caravan racing.

Minivan racing.

The Original Preppy Handbook

Pursuant to the link above, this guy who takes his preppy lifestyle with a grain of salt and a twist of wry.

When I was a little kid, I thought the song was:

Hospie stinks and garlic grows
Hospie stinks and garlic grows
Not you, nor I, nor anyone knows
Why Hospie stinks and garlic grows.”

Although I had a pretty healthy suspicion as to why Hospie stunk…

And that’s about the extent of that, really.

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