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I made A Thing

The big barrel is packed to the brim and then some with old shopping bags.
See that big cardboard barrel on the left-hand side of the photo? It’s about the size of a 50 gallon drum. It is packed solid, level-filled with plastic shopping bags – or was when this photo was taken. Mrs. Crenshaw apparently never willingly allowed a grocery bag to leave her residence.

It’s now emptied by about 1/3, as I needed the bags in order to create this:
It is my Monstrosity.

I made it for Halloween, but since I don’t know if we’re actually going out, I may just take it down to some random First Friday and sidle up to people and make strange noises until they are suitably creeped out:

This Monstrosity highlights why I am not an Artist. I make shit, but I lack the little twist of genius required to convince others that I’m not just screwing around for my own entertainment (which, of course, I am). If I were properly an Artist, I’d have some sort of mission statement for this get-up, possibly explaining that I was making a point about the de-personalization American consumerism inflicts upon its participants, and perhaps a poignant remark about the crucial need for environmental responsibility and recycling.

I, being the flippant jerk that I am, just have this:


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