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Three months gone

So, I’m just about out of the first trimester, which is kind of weird. It should feel like a milestone, I think, but it really doesn’t. I think because I have been so fortunate and not had morning sickness, I hardly even feel pregnant, aside from my larger chest and, you know, having to pee every 45 minutes.

Outside of having to buy proper supportive brassieres for the first time, I’m still wearing my normal clothes. It’s too early to feel the baby move, though I saw it moving when they did the nuchal translucency ultrasound screening. That glimpse was the first time it really, really felt real. Now, it’s a matter of waiting and trusting that everything’s going right in there, which it probably is but I’m not terribly good at waiting, nor am I equipped to take things on faith. I always liked Emily Dickinson’s quip:

“Faith is a fine Invention
When Gentlemen can see —
But Microscopes are prudent
In an Emergency.”

At this point there’s not a lot I can do – get my financial stuff in line, make diapers, and wait. I’m not going to embark on any especially ambitious sewing until I know if it’s a boy or a girl. Other things, like equipment aren’t necessary to lay in at this point, either, especially as the house is small and I’ve not yet excavated my sewing room and converted it to a kid’s room.

The only pre-baby prep work I’ve been able to do is removing wallpaper over at The Little House. The new, updated timeline is to have the place done before that baby appears on the scene, so we’ve gotta hustle! So, I’ve been working on my least-favorite home-renovation task in the world – scraping off old wallpaper. If you hear muffled, yet vehement cursing ringing up and down Ann Avenue, you’ll know I’m bustin’ a move on The Little House.

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