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Mama said…

Today was a FFS day. A serious, no joking, double-barreled “Oh, for fuck’s sake” sort of day. Mostly because young Joseph has firmly and loudly refused to sleep. At. All. No naps, and now, here it is nearly 9:30 p.m. and he’s still grizzling away.

If someone offered to shoot me, right now, I’d be tempted to consider it.

I knew we’d have a few days like this when I went into this venture. I accept that once in a while, things are going to just plain be shrieky and sucky. It’s just the way these things go.

I suspect a low pressure cell is coming through. It’s been super nice lately, and it’s supposed to switch and get cold soon, and Joseph appears to have an internal barometer, though instead of mercury falling, it’s his good humor which takes a dive. He’s regularly a right little rip when the weather’s about to change, and if today is anything to go by, it’s about to get seriously unpleasant outside right soon.

Anyway, I need to put my hands to better use than typing and see if I can’t rock him down.

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