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Why & Wherefore

Tis the voice of the Lobster, I have heard him declare, “uh, so what was I saying? Um, basically, I have a great and abiding tendency to HATE my own writing once I have written it, so I am changing this first entry and totally deleting the second. I hope, after that, I will see fit to leave the erest of my hetries the hell alone.

I have these weird compulsions about my writing. I have all of the journals and notebooks of poems and general raving and observation from age 10-18, and I just can’t stand to look back through them, though occasionally I do. I turn to beet red, at the utter naffness of it all. I mean BAD poetry, generalized teen angst, and overall suckiness, but occasionally, in all pof the lines of gawdawful sludge, I will have written one or two cool or funny or memorable lines. I guess, even though I’m technically a grown up and all, I can still write some embarrasing stuff. Also, I think my English-Major background has made me even more hypercritical, especially of my own writing, which I feel ought to be a hell of a lot better than it is.

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