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I haven’t written in an age. I have been so short on sleep I couldn’t think straight all week, I could hardly articulate words to speak, let alone write.

I have been working the Early Rotation at work this past week. This means that I have had to be in at work at 6:00 a.m. in order to take the inspection requests off our 24-hour voicemail line. In order to get to work by 6, I have to catch the 5:35 bus, and in order to do that, I need to get up at a quarter to 5:00 a.m. This really sucks for me. I mean, I’m a morning person, within reason, and I don’t consider o-dark-thirty a la manana to be a reasonable hour. Even the *birds* are still asleep!

Anyway, due to my having been up at half-past ungodly for the past week, my body has been freaking out like nothing else. My body seems to treat short-sleep lile any stressful situation, and I start getting creepy depression symptoms. Apathy. Nervousness. Vague wifflings of hypochondria. Irrational guilt. Wheee, what fun.

So anyways, I have been sleeping a lot this weekend. and thank goodness I am a city employee and get to have a three-day weekend. I’ve also been working on my webpage a bit, and should be uploading some of that today or this evening. I’m about to go work on my car. I seriously hope this new starter is what it takes to get it going again. All indications point to the starter, but I just can’t trust this car to run, even after it has been repaired. I get this sneaky suspicion that something else has consipired to break in the meantime.

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