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Bleh! I need a jump-start to even see if the new starter I put in my car works. Apparently, when I was fucking aroudn with the new ignition switch the weekend before last, I ran the battery down, so now it is *really* no go. Bugger!

Better news, the new brakes on my bicycle are pretty much the bomb. I stopped on the tick of the dot, even while riding in the rain. At the end of February, when my monthly bus pass runs out, I am going to resume biking to work. Yay, I am so excited! I miss biking.

I have had great success the last few days with washing my laundry in the bathtub and hanging it out to dry on lines on the back porch. I am doiing so due to not having had a running car for 3 weeks. I *had* to do something about underwear, socks, and trousers. Now that is all sorted and all I have left are towels, and those I can drag to the laundromat this coming weekend. However, if I can get a jump-start on my car and drive around and charge up the battery, it won’t be an issue, and I will do laundry at the guys’ house this Sunday when we play D&D. I hope I can get a jump by then. I am not sure how the jeans will have turned out.

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