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I don’t suppose you know anyone who’s looking for a dog, do you?

Hmm, not that I can think of. Who’s got the extra dog?

Well, you know that beagle dog that Lisa had adopted? Well, she turned out to be pregnant, and so Lisa’s going to be dealing with pups pretty soon. Good thing that Polly turned out to be such a nice dog but she’s almost more trouble than she’s worth.

How so?

Well, you know when they got her from the shelter, she had the most awful ear-mites, and she’d fight like a demon when they tried to clean them. Those long floppy ears! So right off the bat, Polly got an ear infection, and when they took her in to the vet, that’s when they found out she was pregnant.

Oh, my!

Cooter, that cocker-spaniel they’ve had forever is simply going through a second puppyhood since they got Polly. He just wants to play. I don’t know how much she’s going to appreciate that once she has those puppies, though.

I’m just glad to hear that the two dogs get along so well. Sometimes those Cockers can get so territorial.

Cooter’s so dumb, I don’t think he’d know any difference. He thinks that second food bowl is for him–he won’t eat out of his own anymore, so Polly eats out of his dish now, and he eats out of Polly’s. Not much difference; it’s all IAMS when all’s said and done.

We’ve switched Rusty onto Science Diet. He’d just been so flatulent. He’d get excited when Joe come home, and he’d tear through the house, farting all the way. It was about enough to peel the paint off the walls. We talked to Doc. Harmon about it, and he said it was probably all of the cornmeal in that Purina, and that at Rusty’s age, he really needed a more “nutrient dense” food anyway.

Did it help him any?

Poor old Rusty is still pretty stinky, but it sure seems to have given him a new stock of energy. His coat is looking a lot better these days, too. Thickened up and got a lot shinier.

I guess Lisa’s going to be laying a supply of puppy chow one of these days. I’ve got to wonder what those pups are going to look like. Goodness knows what kind of a dog fathered them.

I’m sure they’ll be cute–puppies always are. That’ll find them new homes just as fast as any pedigree would.

You know, I saw the darndest looking dog a while back–turns out he was half bassett-hound and half black lab.

Gosh, I’d hate to have seen how that happened!

Oddest looking critter. He looked like a sawed-off black lab. When he was just laying on the grass in the park, I thought he was just a young black lab–only a little small, but then he stood up and started running around, and he looked like he’d been cut off at the knees. I just had to ask his owner about him–I’d never seen an animal like that.

I know a gal who had a dog who was half golden retriever and half poodle. He was a real cutie–looked like a blonde with a perm. He had all of this woolly fur around his snout and his eyes were like topaz. Such a nice temperment, too. I think a dog like that would be a real nice kid dog.

Poodles are awfully smart–I knew a teenage boy who taught his big Standard poodle how to ride on a skateboard.

That had to be a sight!

I think he sent a tape of it in to America’s Funniest.

Some of those were pretty good. Of course, there were way too many crotch shots, too many people getting hurt. I don’t think that’s very funny.

Some of the animal ones were priceless, though. And most of the ones with little kids…You just never know what they’re going to do.

Oh, speaking of dogs and kids, the last time I was over to Donna’s her youngest daughter, Ashley and their old dog Georgia were just too cute together. Donna and I were out back–she was showing me the new flowerbed she’d laid out with the fall bulbs, and Ashley came around the corner wearing a pair of blue pyjamas and a pair of red keds, leading Georgia on a leash, wearing a tutu around her middle. You know Georgia is a drooly old bulldog. Anyway, Ashley was pretending she was Dorothy and old Georgia was the Good Witch.

That Ashley is a real little character. The last time I saw Donna (ran into them in the Safeway last Saturday) Ashley was telling everyone what she wanted to be when she grows up. She says she wants to be a cowboy. I asked her if she didn’t mean a cowgirl, but she was adamant that she was going to be a cow*boy* when she grew up.

Well, she’s got nothing but brothers, I guess she’ll turn out to be a little tomboy.

Could go the other way, though. My little niece Amelia is the girliest girl you could ever imagine, and she’s the only girl among that little brood. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said she’d like a set of bead portiers for her bedroom door. Portiers! I sometimes wonder at the wisdom of letting an 8-year-old watch Changing Rooms.

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