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Welcome to my LiveJournal. Shit, that’s a phrase I never thought I would ever write.

Anyway, I’m starting this ‘cause a number of my friends, both local and online have LJs and several have gone to “friends only,” so in order to read the words of some amazing and witty folks, I need to make words of my own available for public consumption. Also, I need a decent place to rant, rave, and boil my bile over, and my old Diaryland site went so very far off the rails. I will maintain that site as a dumping-ground for dialogue for my two stories I am writing, and with any luck update both of these sites more often.

On to the usual “About Me” business.

Name: Michelle (yeah, I was born in the 1970s, how did you guess?)
Age: Well, I was born in 1977, and don’t intend on updating my bio often. Do the math.
Gender: Female
Love-life: Married since 1998
Location: Kansas City, MO (Old Northeast area)
Interests: Sewing, bicycling, gardening, home-improvements/DIY, photography, vintage Volkswagens, local history, antique fashion, Craftsman architecture, electronic music, classic rock, crude humor, science-fiction movies, fantasy novels, RPGs, and lotsa other crap. You’ll find out as I go along. I am very enthusiastic about anything I like.
Pets: two cats, Sugar (flame-point Siamese) and Griswald (fuzzy, black mutt-cat—semi-longish fur)
Website: www.asyoulikeitkc.com (professional site for my sewing business)

More specifically, I’m a cantankerous bitch. Once you get your head around the fact that you’re reading the writings and rantings of a Midwestern termagant, everything will fall in place. I’m not specifically a mean woman; in fact I am pretty damn empathetic and compassionate, but I am curmudgeonly, and I don’t have a vast stock of patience for the intentionally stupid, willfully ignorant, flagrantly rude, or gratuitously cruel. Act like an asshole around me, and I probably won’t forget it, and very likely will pass commentary on it.

I think I’ll let the rest of my passions, peeves, foibles and campaigns unfold as they will. Just bear in mind that I’m opinionated, and that an opinion’s like an asshole; everyone’s got one. If you don’t like mine, well you don’t really need it—you have one of your own, don’t you?

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