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Ooof. I feel all wobbly and buzzy because I haven’t had anything but three cups of coffee yet today. Nothing in the fridge looks that appealing, nothing in the cupboards really works as a stand alone meal. I’m probably going to ball up in a moment and go cook some pasta, chop up a few olives, dice some Asiago, and use a bit of the juice from the caper bottle, a dash of “Grillmates Montreal Steak” seasoning mix, and a spoonful of olive oil, and call it breakfast.

I’m practically out of fruit, which distresses me. I eat a LOT of fruit. Lately it’s a couple of oranges, a couple of pears, some dried plums or dried apricots.

Lots to do this weekend. More painting–I want to finish the kitchen. More yardwork–gonna dig up some more turf. I can’t afford seeds or plants this week, but I can afford to go out there and dig some more. Gotta do laundry–what a Sisyphean task. I have a buttload of pictures to edit and upload to my webpage and a lot of updating to do to my site. I also seriously need to vacuum. Sugar is shedding and there are little catwads all over the place.

Weekends need to be about 4 days long, considering that I’m always working my butt off or running errands all over the place. I hardly get a chance to just relax and goof off.

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