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I’m making some new pants. I’ve been looking sad and raggedy for months, and working on other people’s shit, and I finally got my slate clear and cut out a new pair of pants yesterday. I’ve got the fronts stitched together, the fly in and pockets on, and I’ve prepped all the rest of the pockets, so tonight I need to sew the back half together, stitch the front and back together, affix the rest of the pockets, face the waistline, and stitch and turn the cuffs.

They’re black cotton broadcloth with orange-and-pink topstitching on the pockets and a sort of freestyle orange, pink, and gold embroidery around what will be the cuffs. They’re “capris,” which I normally really hate, but I find them so convenient to wear while biking. I don’t have to roll anything up. I’ll deal with looking like a stumpy, bowlegged dork if I can just hop off my bike at work, go in the restroom and change shirts, touch up my deodorant, knock the helmet dents out of my hair, and consider myself presentable enough to pass muster.

I made a red pair off the same pattern last summer and have been wearing the hell out of them. I actually wore them in the wintertime, too, with sweater tights under them.

Today was a weird riding day. I woke up feeling kind of asthmatic…a bit wheezy, so I left about 10 minutes earlier than usual, planning to take it easy. I’m glad I did, because I was decidedly wimptastic and sucking wind by the time I hit downtown. I actually used my just-in-case inhaler once I got to the office. Bleh and ick. It makes my throat hurt and my tongue feel like I was licking a pine branch.

Come about 9:30, I was considering my lunch break at 11:00, wondering if I’d have time to have a nap after I went to the bank…ohshit, I left  my wallet at home on the dining table. So, I decided I’d just ride home and get it, and if I had the time when I got back downtown, I’d go to the bank. So at 11:00, I socked on my helmet, grabbed my bag, and hauled ass out of there. Got home in just under 20 minutes, and it usually takes me around 25. I had good stoplight karma, little traffic, and was feeling pretty good, so I was able to get out there and let it rip. Picked up the check and wallet, guzzled some water, turned around, and headed back downtown. Another 20 minute ride. Sweet. Spent about 5 minutes at home, so I had 15 minutes to go to the bank, deposit the check, and get back to work. I hit my desk with 3 minutes to spare, feeling much more contented and relaxed than I had earlier in the day. Previously it had been shaping up to be a real shitty day, but I managed to burn off a lot of ill will during my little errand sprint.

Surprisingly, I did not get sleepy this afternoon around 2:00 p.m. like I usually do.

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