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I’m going to reclaim my old Huffy from my parents’ house sometime this summer and turn it into an art-bike.

What my idea is, is to strip it down and paint it metallic green. I wanna cover the seat in green faux snakeskin, and put eyes (possibly clear blinky lights with “googly eyes” glued in the center) toward the back of the saddle and sew pointy little felt teeth along the narrow edge of the front of the saddle, so it looks like a goofy alligator.

I need to see what, if anything can be done with that old bike mechanically. Last I knew, the teeth were really badly worn down on the cassette and the chain was all stretched out and floppy, but for some reason, back then, it was deemed not worth fixing. I think I’ll bust it all apart and have it be my first fixer-upper frankenbike. I’ll have to do some research as to what components will sock on there.

I’d love to practice on that ghetto old Huffy before I get my hands on the Schwinn Varsity which is going to be my resto project.

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