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Psyching myself up:

It is raining outside and cold.


I have fenders, I have a raincoat, I have my nasty woolly jumper, I have my fancy-pantsy Sugoi tights, I have tall boots and wool socks, and I have a complete change of clothes in my waterproof backpack.

*deep breath*

Don’t be a damn weenie, Michelle. 20 minutes, tops of being out in the shit weather.

Cold, I have discovered I can manage just fine. Wet, I can manage with just fine. The combination of the two…I’m sure I can manage it, but I might not like it much. Doesn’t help that I don’t really trust my raincoat to repel water anymore. I’m pretty sure that it is older than I am, and it’s fraying badly at the hem and cuffs. It makes a great wind jacket, but I fear its water-repellant days may well be over. We shall see.

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