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Even my *hair* hurts…

Sometimes my body gets stuck in a rut of misbehaving. For example, when I get the hiccups, I’ll be hiccupping most of a day, then for the next two or three following days, I’ll get the hiccups intermittently, tapering off slowly. It is very annoying. Right now, my current bodily rebellion is with my head. I was awakened in the dark of Saturday night with a wailing migraine headache. Normally, when I have a migraine, I take aspirin and go lie down in a dark, quiet room and put the pillow over my head. I was already in a dark, quiet room, and putting the pillow over my head didn’t seem to help much. I contemplated having a hot bath, as that is my other panacea for aches and pains, but the thought of moving didn’t appeal, and the thought of turning on a light, even the dim, red heat-lamp in the bathroom made me want to weep. So, I hunkered down in the blankets and hoped to pass back out before my head exploded. Apparently I did fall back asleep, but Apparently I was groaning in my sleep, so apparently I didn’t feel much better, though thankfully I was not especially conscious of that fact.

I woke up on Sunday with the remnants of the same headache, which I pushed back with aspirin, but it kept coming back all day. By about 7:00 p.m. it seemed like I might get the migraine back. I was seeing little glowy bulls-eyes and everything I heard had a kind of tinny echo. This morning I woke up, still feeling a little off-kilter, but not nearly so bad, but shortly after I got to work, it started up again. My jaws hurt, my eyes hurt, and I felt like I had rented my skull out to a bowling alley.

I am very sick of this and hope that my head decides to co-operate tomorrow.

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