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I finished these pants last weekend, but failed to post ’em, so here you go now!

Because I have questionable taste in clothing, I felt that my wardrobe would be greatly enhanced and improved by the presence of one pair of bright-orange, wide-wale corduroy jeans. And so I made them. They have a slightly lowered waist (about 2″ below bellybutton) but nothing too radical, because I don’t want my asscheeks hanging out. I have a long torso, so super-low jeans look weird on me anyhow. The hat is not especially new…I made it about two years ago, actually.

After I finished the jeans, I went ahead and cut out something new to wear over the pants…

A new tunic! Chiffon with a crepe insert and sash. Easy pattern, fussy fabric. The pattern is a 1977 Simplicity. I made this today.

For reference, here is a top I made about 7 years ago, out of heavier fabric, using the same pattern:

I did the belt upside down this time around and need to move it up a bit, but I must say it makes up much, much, much better in the lightweight, drapey fabric, rather than the bonded wool.

This is the original pattern envelope. I made the new tunic about 3″ longer than it was designed, because I wanted the almost-a-dress-over-pants look.

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