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Because I am utterly sickening, not to mention a Bear of Small Brain tonight, here are some pictures of some cute shit from my childhood. This past Fall, my folks brought down a trunk of my old childhood momentoes, and today I was a little bored at one point and started going through some of the stuff. I was a particular child and kept my things pretty nicely, so many of my childhood treasures are still around:

This is the Triple Yan-Yan pocket drawing set, featuring the characters Ann, Ran, and Non. My sister had an identical set, and I believe they were a gift from our grandma before a plane trip back home. I’m pretty sure we got these on the trip out to my Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Rick’s wedding, which would have made me about 7, which would have made it 1984. This little drawing set was made in Japan by Ribbon Pencil Company, and I have kind of looked around online for these characters and Ribbon Pencil, and come up with nothing.

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  1. Hey, do you have discovered anything more about this set? I’ve found one in my house, which seems to be of my mother, yet i can’t found any information about it.

  2. Meetzorp says:

    Not really other than they were available in the 1980s, mostly in Japan, but some were imported in the USA as stationery novelties.

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