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That's what I did it, at any rate. Okay, so I had green, too, but the yellow was the actual important part.

This is one of the outfits I had in the fashion show last summer. The skirt I made a while back, as part of my “1yd of Pique Challenge.” The top I made from a wad of miscellaneous knit fabric I bought for way cheap out of a remnant bin. I made five motley tops out of obnoxiously bright tee-shirt fabric from that mini-bonanza of cheap fabric. There's pink-and-green, yellow-and-green, orange-and-pink, blue-and-orange, and yellow-and-pink.

I put this ensemble over a pair of screamin' yellow tights, the old-reliable workboots, and two little green-and-yellow daisy barrettes in my angry-chicken hairdo, and I was as good to go as I am getting.

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