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Seriously, y'all, I had a pretty kickass idea today for a street-fashion/independent fashion/small-scale designers site today, and I figured, what the hell.

I'm going to start going around with mini questionnaires and my digital camera and surveying people on the street about their fashion themes, favorite clothing articles, etc. Kind of like Fruits, but not simply teenagers or certain subcultures. Pretty much anyone who will talk to me about their clothes and agree to be photographed with the understanding that their image will appear online is fair game.

I've also got plans to interview several local designers and purveyors of handmade or limited-production clothing. I know of about five different potential interviewees already, and should be able to ferret out more as I go.

I think a sites-of-interest link-blog could be a valuable component of the site, as well.

What I am thinking to do is go out twice a month and try to get quite a lot of photos and questionnaires and then do updates off of that data for the next fortnight. Ideally, I would like to have enough content to do a small update daily.

For the URL, I have already registered the domain www.meetzorp.com, so I reckon the site will probably be called The Meetzorp Fashion Point. That sounds kind of zine-y, kind of prog-rock, and just sufficiently silly to have a realistic connection with one of my endeavours.

More news when and as I have it.

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