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1. My favorite Beavis & Butthead episode ever! Buttniks. Crrrrappuchino, a rrrrap-pa-pa-pa-pa-pah!

2. My freshman year of college, me and two of my dorm neighbors used to eat a bunch of Pixie Stix and drink Mountain Dew, then run around the dorm halls with our shirts pulled up over our heads, acting like Cornholio.

3. Beavis & Butthead get porn “Porn is good for you; did you know that?”

4. The Internet is For Porn.

5. Randy agrees that the internet is for porn and a Dell is the gateway to porno.

Can y’all believe I’m almost 29. So much for growing in dignity as well as in years.

Oh yeah, and one more thing:

click on the image for details on the upcoming bikey festivities.

I’m going alleycatting tomorrow night! Wish me a lack of rain and thunderstorms. I’m riding out on the ever-portly the Schwinn of DOOOOOOM!

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