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My face hurts

I was riding from my house to Landahl, I got caught in an uneven seam in the road, and subsequently saw the road coming to meet me very, very quickly.  I ended up with a small cut on my forehead that bled with great enthusiasm, and road rash on my left cheek, left shoulder, left knee, and (WTF?) on the back of my right hand.  I chipped my left-ront incisor just barely (a rough spot which will smooth out in time) and chipped the left corner of my eyeglasses frames.  I also give myself yet another mild concussion, so I had wonky vision for about two hours afterwards.

Thanks to the concussion, I didn’t end up getting to to mountain biking, as planned.  I’d been all stoked for the Earthgirls’ Ride out at Landahl, but as wobbly as I felt, and with my eyesight all off kilter I had a fairly reasonable fear that I’d go ahead and finish myself off if I went riding offroad in that state.  This is enough injury for one day, especially with Bonktoberfest less than a week away.  I was still recovering from having fallen down a ravine when I went to the last Bonktoberfest.  I’d like to keep the current roster of injuries pretty superficial so as not to ruin my vacation!

I’m okay now except for the obvious marks and expected aches. Cheek, shoulder, head, neck, both wrists.  Goddammit!

I’m supposed to go to roller-derby tryouts tomorrow.  I got peer pressured into it, you might say.  Or rather, Christi and Andy were egging me on.  Christi and I are going to try out together, so it will help to have a partner in crime.  Also, my sister used to do derby, and she could go on for ages about what a good time she had.  I reckon I might fit the profile they’re looking for pretty well.  I can skate (at least I used to be able to, and I reckon I can re-learn) I’m generally athletic, ornery, and I might well be sporting a shiner.

The scrape on my cheek doesn’t look like much, but it is the most painful part of of this fiasco.

all swoll up
My cheek is fairly dramatically swollen.  Cheeks don’t like being slammed into the pavement.

standard road rash
Fairly standard road rash on my shoulder.

right hand???
I have no idea how I got my right hand…all other injuries can be located on my left side.

6 Responses to “My face hurts”

  1. One Eyed z says:

    Bah! You will be fine. Its mearly a flesh wound.

  2. Shannon says:

    Hope you are feeling better today?

  3. Thanks, Zeke. I have a shiner now. Thought that would probably amuse you.

    Shannon–yep. I’ve got the expected aches and pains that come with any respectable bike wreck, but nothing that’s going to hold me back for long. In fact, if it sees fit to stop raining, I’ll be at Friz tonight.

  4. I think I speak for many readers when I issue a sympathetic “ouch” in your direction.

  5. meetzorp says:

    Thank you! I’m actually doing much better. My face was a little scabby earlier in the week, but that is mostly gone already. My cheek is bruised, and I have a bruise on my hip the shape of Australia (which is kind of cool, if you ask me…anatomy & geography at the same time). Given my lifestyle, I’m extremely fortunate in being able to heal quickly!

  6. […] know how many times I have counted my lucky stars after I’ve had a good wreck. When I face-planted on the way to Landahl, I was so fortunate I didn’t knock myself unconscious on the side of the road. Also fortunate […]

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