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I will admit that I am a regular viewer of my own website’s statistics, ESPECIALLY the search engine terms. Most of them are either pervalicious or statistically improbably. In the past week, for instance, we have “cat kicking head,” “i like swirly in toilet sensual” and “why is the left sie (sic) of my head hurting.” I think the best to date was somebody who landed on my entry about finding a big ol’ grasshopper in my basil by searching the phrase “how to remove grasshopper from home.”

I get a lot of hits on an enry I wrote about this 95-year-old dressmaker’s dummy I have, which hails from the ACME company. It’s an L&M Adjustable Dress Form. And it’s pretty cool if you are a vintage fashion nerd like I am. I even went back and updated the photo URLs on that entry since it gets hit enough that I figure other folks with superannuated dressmaker’s dummies are probably trying to research their own dress forms.

My biggest and most regular hit, however, comes from a throwaway rant I posted some five years ago, riffing off the slogan “Wrangler Butts Drive Me Nuts,” and venting about my generalized disdain for the aesthetics of Wrangler jeans. The fact of the matter is, these days I don’t give a good goddamn about what make or style of jeans anyone else is wearing, but 5 years ago, in a fit of pique after a bad day of shopping, I was apparently thoroughly disgusted with the idea that Wranglers even had the gall to keep on existing, in all their butt-hugging denimosity. I get probably two hits a day on that brief little entry every day. I guess some butt-fancying surfer is looking for pictures of low-rise, slim-fit, Seven, Paper, or Citizens style jeans which bare the derriere, and instead get to read about my not wanting such a highlighted view of men’s butts & crotches in their “tight-fittin’ jeans” I reckon these wanton surfers are awfully disappointed with what they find here at Meetzorp.com.

Whereas I, the Meetzorp, am mightily amused. As it turns out, I’m #3 on Google for the search term “cheeky jeans)

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