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Saturday Adventures

Yesterday Christi and I went on a side-streets exploration ride in the West Bottoms. We had no big agenda, just being outside and riding our bikes was all that was planned. Since were were just kind of exploring and taking our time, it wasn’t any big problem for me to stop and take pictures whenever I saw something interesting. We found a marsh off one side street (actually just a little south of Asner’s scrap metal yard) and took a little time to play with the cat-tail reeds, releasing clouds of fluff all over the place. I still had some fluff stuck in my jacket and headband this morning.

This semi-abandoned 1940s Ford coupe struck my fancy. I don’t know the year of it, but I’d say latter 1940s. It looks a lot like my dad’s old ’48, but a little different. Slightly different in the trim, though it could be the difference of deluxe vs. base model or something like that, too. I think this was a really good-looking body style, the old 1940s Ford coupes. Doesn’t look like it would take too much to put this one back into commission, at least from the standpoint of bodywork. Everything is there, and it doesn’t look like it ever took any hits, which is a bit of a miracle since we’re talking about a 60-year-old car here.

This old Buick 4-door just looks plain disgusted with the world. Something about that downcast, yet toothy grille implies a sneer.

From the side: another very solid and complete car. Again, I don’t know the specific year–mid 1950s is as close as I can get you.

Jack Polen Beef Co. I reckon it’s been a good long while since any beef was handled in this building.

Christi making a U-turn. We were just about done with our ride at this point and getting ready to head back in to the Crossroads.

I saw a bunch of stuff I’m going to have to go back and photograph at another time of day (the afternoon light was great for some angles, but impossible for anything I’d have to face West for).

The weather was surprising both yesterday and today. Despite yesterday’s snow, it wasn’t actually that cold, and by the time it stopped snowing and I went to the grocery (around 11:00 a.m.) it was pretty darn pleasant, and the afternoon was fine for biking. Today was just plain gorgeous. I was riding around with just a sweater, jeans, and a pair of tights under my jeans. Joel and I went out to Wyandotte County Park, where they were doing a pre-ride of the National Cyclocross Championship course. The course is fairly burnt in in most places, but since it wasn’t flagged and taped, and I have never ridden it before I kept losing the trail. I made three or four attempts at completing the circuit, but kept kind of getting lost at a couple of different points, so I eventually moseyed off and took some pictures. I’ll post some of those tomorrow, also some video of releasing cat-tail reed fluff. I found another reed patch out at the park.

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  1. Robin says:

    I love adventure rides nice post and nice photos!

  2. meetzorp says:

    Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed.

  3. Zandria says:

    I think it’s really cool how you go on these cycling jaunts and end up finding cool things to take photos of. Loved the pics from New Orleans, too!

    I found your site listed on BlogHer. Welcome!

    BlogHer blog: Life – Singles

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