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Somebody hit my journal off the search term “removing grasshopper from inside the home.”

I wonder if this person had an indoor grasshopper infestation, or was squeamish and was looking for a way to get a ‘hopper out without touching it.   Unfortunately, unless this person delurks, I will probably never know.  Fie!

I’ve been working on categorizing my older entries (a miserable, cringe-inducing chore I might add) and had to create a category “grumbles gripes and pointless bitching” to encompass much of the content of my early blog.  Good god, I was a whiney little sack of shit.  I really do hope I am not like that now.

A few entries sucked so badly I went ahead and deleted them, because nobody really needs to suffer through that much suck.

I’m sure as I wade through I will find a few more that need to be zapped.

Getting counselling and medicating my depression when necessary made a world of difference in my writing, and my writing is generally a reflection of at least aspects of my life, so judging by that, comparing ’02 or ’03 against today, I’d say things are much, much better with me.

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