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torrid.com is the place to go. That is if you are an over 6′ size 12. As you will see, they work pretty darn well on the ectomorphic build.

Photo Credit to Roger Harrison of Lanterne Rouge Cycling
Joel and one of his co-workers, Dean, hit upon the notion of a team costume: “patient” and “naughty nurse.” A little thrift-shopping, a few props, and a couple of special-order novelty items, and they pulled it off in high style.

Dean hams it up with a walker he found for $5 at a thrift shop.

He built a special attachment for his cargo rack to mount the walker on the back of the tandem. His costume included an artificial butt for even bigger yuks.

Zeke braves the stoker seat and Joel demonstrates why cyclist tanlines and fishnet hosiery are a fashion no-no.

Joel accosts John Harter who fails to be properly horrified. John quipped that Joel had covered many fetishes at once with this get-up: leggy blondes, naughty nurses, fishnets, and men in drag.

Shannon’s super-cute bee costume provided a visual relief from the guys’ indelicate attempts.

Innovative helmet-antennae.

The entire collection of my pictures from the 2007 Boulevard Cup Cyclocross race can be found here.

I also have some pictures from Friday’s be-costumed Critical Mass. I also took a few photos at Saturday’s Halloween Bicycle Pub Crawl, but we didn’t stay very late at that one. We were kind of not in the big party mood, and Joel was planning to participate in two different events at the Boulevard Cup race (Masters 35+ and Singlespeed), so a super-late night of boozy debauchery wasn’t really in the cards anyhow.

After two stops, we peeled away and had a late supper at the Blue Nile Cafe an Ethiopian restaurant down in the City Market. I can’t recommend this place highly enough. It was an AMAZING dinner. I had seasonal special featuring butternut squash and beets. Though butternut squash can be a bit cloying on its own, the blend of herbal flavors and the earthiness of the beets combined to make a warm, mellow dish. Great stuff, and we’ll totally be back, probably bringing friends and family.

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