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And his endearing goofiness is one of those many reasons.

I was talking to my folks earlier today and my dad commented that he’s just about ready for Audrey and Matt’s wedding, he’s lacking only a tie.  He admitted that mentioned his tie deficit to one of their neighbor ladies, a kind-hearted craftswoman who was only too happy to hook him up with a tie.  She has a large storage tub packed with ties; she’s been saving them up to make a quilt.

He quipped that he doubted that they even made the kind of tie he’s looking for anymore and that she was unlikely to have one.  He claimed he was in the market for a fish tie. 

Well, believe it or not, Vi was able to produce a fish tie from her stash, and handed it over forthwith.

Dad still needs to get a proper tie for the wedding, but he has every intention of wearing the fish tie throughout the reception.  In fact, he sounded positively giddy about the notion of reppin’ the fish tie at the reception.

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