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I'm off, again!

I’m headed out of town again tomorrow.  I’m one of four representatives from my department holding down the fort at a big civic government convention in New Orleans.

I’ll confess to you that I am pretty darn stinkin’ nervous right now, because I have never been to a trade show, let alone worked at one, and I feel so awfully green.  I’m sure I will pull it together, make myself useful, and behave respectably, but right now, I’m pretty antsy.

I’m hoping I get a few chances to slip away and do a little sightseeing and picture-taking.  I’m bringing my camera, the extra memory card, and two extra sets of batteries.  I’ll inundate you all with photos if I get a chance.

I’ve also got light reading for on the plane and for in my hotel room in the evenings.

If they have computers at the hotel, or an Internet Cafe anywhere near, I will try to do a couple of brief updates, partly for NaBloBlahBlah, and partially for recording my impressions of this endeavor before they fade out of my brain.

Wish me luck and stuff.  It’s been a long time since I have flown, and I hear it’s a lot more of a pain than it was the last time I flew, which was in 2000, coming back to the US.  Back then, it was perfectly acceptable to fly with a saucepan in your carryon.  I kind of think it would be a bad idea to try that these days.

All righty. I’m going to go pack like 14 more extra pair of socks, because extra socks quash all chance for mishap, don’t they?

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