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My little sister and her sweetie tied the knot this past weekend. I’m going to try to recap, but I think the expression on my sister’s face in the following picture will say pretty much everything that I am not articulate enough to write.

First dance together as a married couple.

In fact, I think I am going to let my photos do most of the talking.

Matt designed this very cool “house of cards” for guests to slip greeting cards into. He and a friend built and decorated it.

Matt’s kids created some artwork for a prize-drawing at the reception. Mom put in for this one and for the following one, done by Alex’s big sister Elizabeth. She won both pieces.

Elizabeth, who is 8, has a talent for charming artwork. She provided decorations and signage at Matt & Audrey’s baby-shower back in August, too.

Some of Matt’s own artwork was available, too. The man’s got serious skills with metal.

Father-daughter dance. Photographic evidence of Dad dancing!

Matt dancing with Grandma Helga

Matt dancing with his grandma (whose name I didn’t catch)

Joel & Erik sharing a tender moment; Mom looking on in amusement.

Grandpa, Grandma, and half of Aunt Sylvia, after dinner, just before the dancing started happening.

Sylvia and I took turns taking each other’s pictures; she just got a new camera & was still figuring out its quirks.

Elizabeth working on filling up Audrey’s camera’s memory.

And sharing the results. I think a super-simple kid-friendly digital camera may be her 9th birthday present.

The garter! Matt had to navigate through a LOT of petticoat to reach the garter. Then he loaded it into an air canon which shot it and about a dozen other novelty garters into the crowd. They did a similar stunt with the bouquet, but that canon shot about a dozen small rosettes and a lot of glitter. I snagged a rosette and tied it to my headband for a Spanish effect.

Tired, sweaty, and with my explodey hairdo finally starting to deflate.

I had a total hairdo-malfunction. I wound my curlers way too tight. I ended up looking like the love-child of Sideshow Bob & Little Orphan Annie.

A headband helped, but it was still pretty wild.

They had their reception at the Sokol Auditorium which is a cool old community center in Omaha. Home to an original 1920s gymnastics gymnasium, an auditorium space with a great stage (which evidently used to also house a movie screen, judging by the old projection booth still evident in the balcony area) and a basement which is apparently the heart of Omaha’s indie-show scene.

View from balcony to stage.

Sokal insignia in the gymnastics workroom.

I really like how they laid out their letters in their monogram.

One of their guests had two of the most famous vampires on his arm.

The red-eye beam failed us all, but I still think this is a sweet picture.

Tuckered out! Little Max was just as good as could be all day.

He’s getting the hang of having hands nowadays, and can bring things to his mouth to gnaw on. Or he can (and does) stick his hands in his mouth while eating, which is amusingly drooly, of course.

Sara & Chad’s little daughter Kiera was fascinated by this littler baby.

Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pictures of Matt & Audrey’s new puppy, but they have the most darling pup who is half black lab and half chow-chow (though I heard rumors about one of the parental dogs being part cocker-spaniel, so maybe it’s 1/4 chow-1/4 spaniel?. Anyhow, their pup mostly looks like a Labrador, except that her fur is silky-soft, and maybe her nose is a little pointier than is typical for a lab. She’s a busy little rascal who LOVES people and is insanely inquisitive. I took her out walking on Sunday morning to burn some energy off of her and give everyone a bit of a puppy-break. Between playing with the pup and the baby, I think I re-stocked my cute fix for a little while.

So, to wrap up: Audrey & Matt got married, threw a hell of a party, the family had some time to hang out and catch up, and I played with a baby and a puppy quite a bit.

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